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About the Ayurvedic Products Network

Designed by the world's leading experts in the field of mind-body medicine, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing is proud to introduce you to the Ayurvedic Products Network (APN). Providing qualified participants the tools to help their patients, guests, families, and friends benefit from the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda. Introducing our APN retail program that allows you to generate income while helping the people closest to you balance, heal, and transform.

What Is the APN Retail Program?
Our APN Retail Program allows qualified locations (doctor offices, chiropractic offices, naturopathic offices, acupuncturists, wellness studios, and yoga studios, etc.) to carry inventory of Chopra Center Signature Products to offer for retail. The financial structure is such that retail consultants may purchase Chopra Center Signature Products at a 35% discount and intellectual products (books, music, tapes, videos, etc.) at a 20% discount. There is a minimum of $250 required for each purchase to receive the wholesale pricing.  There is a cumulative minimum quarterly purchase(s) threshold of $1200 for retail consultants.

What are Chopra Center Signature Products?
Chopra Center Signature Products are our unique line of Chopra Center branded products. For a full list of the Chopra Center Signature Products, please click HERE

How Do I Register For the APN Retail Program?
All APN Retailers who have NOT registered for the brand new APN Retail program, that was launched on February 2nd, 2015, will need to register their APN Retail account on the new site. If you had APN Retail account on our old site, you will need to register again on the new site.
To register for the new APN Retail Program, click HERE
*PLEASE NOTE: If you try to register using the same email address that was designated to your store account on the old site, you may receive an error when you submit your application stating “There is already an account with this email address.”  If you receive this error, simply log into the store site as a regular user using your email address prior to filling out the APN Retail Program registration form. To do so, please follow the steps below:
1.     Log into the Chopra Center Marketplace as a regular user before registering for the APN Retail Program. The store site login is located on the top right of every screen on or you can simply click HERE
2.     You will be directed to the “Login Or Create An Account” screen. Under the “Registered Customers” log in section, use your desired email address to log in.  If you have forgotten your password, please click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the right hand side of the screen and you will be guided through to reset your password.
3.     Once you are logged into the regular Chopra Center Marketplace store site, click HERE to register for the APN Retail program.
4.     You will be directed to the “Create An Account” form for you to fill out to complete your APN Retail Program registration.
5.     Complete the registration form with your account details.
6.     Click the “Submit” button to complete your registration. You will receive a pre-approval email for you to read upon submitting your application. There are links to forms in the pre-approval email that must be completed and sent back to the Chopra Center for approval.
7.     Print, complete, and either scan and email the completed forms to or fax them to 760-431-1346.
8.     Once our APN administrator has received your completed forms, your account will be approved and you will be sent an approval email with information on how to access your APN retail account.

How Long Will It Take For My APN Retail Account To Be Approved?
Once we have received all of your completed forms, please allow at least 24-72 hours for your APN Retail account to be approved. If you need to place a wholesale order between the time you submit your forms and your account approval, please contact our customer service team at or 800-858-1808 to place your order.
How Do I Log Into My APN Retail Account Once I Am Approved?
Once your account is registered and approved for the APN Retail Program, you may log into your account by clicking the “Log In” button on the top right of every screen of the Chopra Center Marketplace site.
Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions or Issues With My APN Retail Account?
Please contact us at with any issues or questions regarding your APN Retail account.

Can Instructors Also Register to Be An Ayurvedic Products Network (APN) Retail Consultant?
Yes, instructors can register for both the Chopra Center Instructor Marketplace and the APN Retail Program. However, you must use a different email address to register as an APN retail consultant. The same email address may not be used for both the Chopra Center Instructor Marketplace and the APN program. To learn more information about the Chopra Center Instructor Marketplace, please click HERE



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